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Meet The Man Braid

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First, it was the come back of long hair. And when guys were inevitably tired of having it in their faces, the man bun steamrollered its way into pop culture. Then, many dudes embraced the buzz cut around the sides while leaving the top long. But as any woman with bangs know, even the most modern haircuts grow out, leaving you with impossible hair that won’t stay in hair bands or obey hair spray. Like their female counterparts, men are finally turning to the braid to keep their dreaded “in-between hair” manageable.

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It looks like some guys have got the technique down. So without further adieu, meet the man braid. A surprising number of men have taken to Instagram to show off gently flowing French, waterfall, and otherwise fantastical braids. To clarify, we're not talking about legitimate cornrows. These are hipster gentlemen with long top hair left over from a former bun. So instead of trimming their flaccid faux-hawks, they opted for a creative solution.

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