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Back-to-School Hair Tips from nuBest salon

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When it comes to back-to-school hair styles, the operative words should be “low-maintenance” and “time-efficient.” Between spending long days in class and logging hours at sports practice and other extracurricular activities, most kids and teens can’t be bothered with labor-intensive or time-consuming hair regimens. Fortunately, there are a few helpful haircare tips to adhere to and request when your child is in the stylist’s chair. The secret is in the styling – with the right cut and the perfect products in your arsenal, your kids will be at the head of the class.

Without a doubt, girls should opt for haircuts with long layers. A layered cut works well with virtually all hair lengths and textures, whether it’s short and straight or long and thick. Even curly-haired girls can embrace this style, as cutting long layers removes excess weight and bulk from the hair. This drastically reduces the amount of styling time involved, meaning that your morning routine will be a breeze, and your girls will make it to the school bus stop on time, if not early. While it’s still warm outside, you can air dry and tousle hair for an effortless, wash-and-go look, or blow-dry with a round brush for maximum movement and volume (perfect for school picture day). Just remember to use a thermal protectant spray when heat styling to protect the hair from long-term damage and to boost the hair’s vibrancy and shine. 

Calling all aspiring varsity superstars – when playing a sport, you can’t go wrong with a bouncy high ponytail. Bonus points for wrapping a thin piece of hair around the elastic and securing with a bobby pin, for a polished finishing touch that takes no more than a few seconds. Braided looks are another stylish option that will keep hair off and away from the face, allowing team members to bring their A-game on the soccer field, tennis court or field hockey turf. If your star student is more of an artist than an athlete, painterly colored hair extensions are a fun (and temporary!) way to channel your inner artiste and make a bold statement without serious commitment.

For boys, this season marks a return to classic, clean-cut hair styles. The look of generations past is given a modern update when the hair on the sides is shorn shorter or tapered, and left longer and textured on top. Parting the hair to one side with a fine-tooth comb and finishing it off with a palmful of pomade or styling paste can add a little grip and hold, for a look that’s highly evolved from the old-school Greasers of yore, but every bit as cool.

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