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What Does Your Nail Color Really Mean?

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If you’ve ever suffered from a color conundrum—holding two (or three…or eight) bottles of nail polish in your hands and feeling like it’s impossible to choose between them—then we can relate too! The polish color you choose is an indication of your mood at the moment. So, over time, the shades you end up coming back to again and again, could say a lot about your personality.

Red: You’re action-oriented, extroverted, and not afraid to grab attention. Your style is bold yet classic, with a healthy dose of glamour and siren-like sultriness. Other people are drawn to your vitality and your passion.

Pink: You’re kind, empathetic, and gentle. You might be a little shy, but you’re not afraid to own your femininity and even take the spotlight around people you feel comfortable with.

Orange: You’re all about having a good time. Flamboyant and fun, you’re a social butterfly with a great sense of humor and tons of enthusiasm. Curious and a little bit restless, you always want to know what’s next.

Blue: You’re sincere, trustworthy, and loyal, with an artistic side that enriches your life and the lives of those around you. Blue is associated with calmness, steadiness, and faithfulness, which are soothing traits that appeal to you.

Green: You’re dynamic and down to earth. While you’re community-oriented and a loyal friend with a strong need to belong, you’re not overly concerned with how strangers perceive you. Linked to luck, nature, and rebirth, wearing green nails means that you like to feel comforted and energized by your environment.

Yellow: You’re fearless and fun to be around. Associated with youthful energy, a love for yellow manicures indicates that you’re carefree and creative, unconcerned with what the masses prefer. You’re independent and perhaps a bit impulsive, but also highly intelligent and a precise thinker.

Purple: You’re imaginative, idealistic, and compassionate—a dreamer at heart. Derived from energetic red and calming blue, purple is in balance yet unique, appealing to your creativity, individual sense of self, and desire for harmony.

Black: You’re rebellious and edgy, with a clearly defined sense of style that’s all your own. You’re not afraid of the dark—on the contrary, you like to embrace your dark side, though that doesn’t mean you don’t have moments of laughter and levity.

Nude: You have a classic sense of style, and a profession or personality (or both) that requires you to look put-together and be taken seriously. You prefer an effortless, natural aesthetic, and find beauty in things that are authentic, honest, and timeless.

Now tell us, what’s your favorite polish color?

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