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Tips for the Perfect Wedding Look from nuBest Salon

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nuBest salon and spa is noticing that more brides are asking for airbrush makeup, which is your best bet for your big day. It lasts longer, has a more natural finish and looks flawless in photos. Airbrush makeup is also perfect for the long haul, resisting smudging or running the way traditional makeup is prone to doing. More and more brides seem to be doing away with dramatic makeup in favor of softer, more natural beauty with a perfect complexion and subtly glamorous finish.

Hair is worn loose and flowy. Wavy hair is gently pulled back and paired with a simple and delicate headpiece that won’t dictate the style. Smaller, brooch and comb-style hairpieces are becoming more and more popular for this reason. On the other end of the spectrum is tight and sleek hair, which is a more striking, dramatic look. Curls or tendrils are done away with in favor of clean lines and a simple silhouette.

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