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HOW To: The Cat Eye

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  1. Wing it out. Using a eyeliner brush, dip the tip into a black gel eyeliner pot and start creating the tail of what will be the wing of your liner. Begin at the outer corner of your eye, angling the brush toward your temple (not the tail of your brow) for a more everyday (versus night) kind of look.
  2. Create dashes and connect the dots. Run the same gel liner along your top lash line — starting from a quarter of the way in from the inner corner of your eye (where your lashes begin) — using dashed guideline. Then, connect the dots to help you draw a smooth, straight line.
  3. Draw a tiny, elongated triangle off of the tail you created in step one. Using your eyeliner brush, make a diagonal line that comes off of the winged liner you drew in step one and connect it to the liner you just traced along your upper lash line.
  4. Fill in the triangle shape that connects the winged liner to the upper lash line. And make it look fluid by thickening the liner along your upper lash line with a felt-tip liquid liner
  5. Clean up any imperfections. And sharpen lines (if yours were wobbly) with a makeup remover pen.

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