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Winter Proof Healthy Skin Is Vital

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Mittens and scarves, ski hats and shovels are essentials for this time of the year. Having winter-proof healthy skin is vital.

Adding products to your skin-care routine during the cold season will combat cold-weather issues. Luckily, the Spa @ nuBest salon and spa carries the best and award-winning (celebrity-favored) Sonya Dakar and Dermalogica skincare line, which specializes in remedying the troubles associated with seasonally-challenged skin. Here are some helpful tips for solving some of winters most perplexing complexion problems.

Avoid chemicals: choose products that are sulfate and paraben free. These chemicals can cause skin sensitivity resulting in inflamed dry patches and itchy red bumps adding to the drying effects of a New York winter. The Omega-3 Repair Complex from the Sonya Dakar skincare line regulates the skin’s oil production to restore natural moisture levels

Don’t be afraid to exfoliate: Although people often fear exfoliating in the winter will irritate already dry skin, exfoliating actually helps by removing the dead skin cells and allowing room for new cell growth. Exfoliate twice a week with the unique rice-based, Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, to smooth and refine skin, leaving a natural, fresh glow behind.

Choose a heavier moisturizer: If you are using a lightweight moisturizer, bump it up to a more emollient during the winter. For a serious winter dry skin buster that’s heavy on moisture but light on the skin, try the Sonya Dakar Hydrasoft Cream.

For visibly soft lips, which contains olive oil, vitamin E, and essential oils to heal, protect and moisturize your lips, add some Sonya Dakar Lip Juice -- SPF 15.

(All Sonya Dakar and Dermalogica skin care essentials mentioned are available at nuBest salon and spa to use at your own convenience at home.)

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