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5 Ways To Winterize Your Hair Care

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From hat hair to static electricity, split ends to dry frizz, when winter weather hits, a bad hair day can last an entire season. The best way of preventing damage is get yourself into a regular routine. There are ways to combat this less-than-flattering hair conundrum, and they (almost) all have to do with adding moisture to your hair.

Add a heavier oil: Using a heavier oil, such as olive oil or even castor oil are great for locking in moisture over a long period of time and protecting the hair from the harsh elements of the winter season.

Skip a shampoo: Among other reasons why you shouldn't wash your hair every day, skipping a shampoo can help prevent your hair from getting dried out, which leads to static and a lackluster mane — talk about a double whammy, luckily there’s always the dry shampoo method.

Deep conditioner: It’s very important to use a deep conditioner especially in the winter, as your hair is more prone to breakage and dryness due to the elements and also by the different scarves and hats you may adorn, which are made up of wool or some unfriendly hair fiber material.

Ditch your brush: Try using a comb instead of a brush for your wet hair. The friction from your brush can lead to charged particles that cause static electricity.

Scalp Massages: They keep oxygenated blood moving to your roots; it relaxes your senses and promotes hair growth. You can do this yourself by making circular motions with the pads of your fingers.

The good news: No matter what's causing your winter hair woes, you can take both protective and replenishing steps to help repair it. Our stylists suggest regular use of a thick, rich, moisturizing conditioner with a few key ingredients every 1 to 2 weeks.

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  • I have the exact same hair! Key is to not let it get weighed down, I use body shop’s tea tree saphmoo/conditioner for fine hair, or Moder Organic Products (M.O.P.) lemongrass for fine hair. BUT I make sure to use a stripping saphmoo once a week to get ANY buildup out of it, then use a deep conditioning mask. Neutragena makes a good stripper and I’m pretty sure I use they’re mask, too. If not, Fekkai has great moisturizing masks.

    Posted by Subin on 02/17/2015

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