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Halloween Makeup How-to: Elsa From 'Frozen'

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This Halloween, we say just "Let It Go!" Have some fun bringing out your inner princess and get Elsa from Frozen’s ultra-girly look. You’ll definitely be the star of your Halloween party. Just follow these makeup tips below to become Elsa ready!

The Base

Start by curling your eyelashes, then apply a black liquid eyeliner across your upper lash line. Since you will be wearing fake eyelashes, it doesn’t have to be perfect, it is just there to add a touch of color and dimension. Next, use a flat brush or your finger to apply a cream color base all over your lid.

The Eye Shadow

Use a soft brush to apply a violet pigment shadow all over your lid. Then add a darker or brighter purple-hued shadow in vibrant grape to just the corners. Apply orange shadow above the purple along the crease and up to just below the brow bone.

The Lash Line

Take the purple shadow you used on the outer corners of your lid and wrap it underneath the eye three quarters in on the lower lash line. Then line your waterline with a black kohl pencil and take white shadow and apply it to the inner corners of the eye to brighten them up.

The Face

Apply a foundation of your choice all over your face however you normally would. Next, use a brush to apply pink powder blush on the apples of your cheeks and sweep all the way up to your hairline.

The Highlighter

Highlight your cheeks by taking the cream base you used to prep your lids and dabbing it on the height of your cheekbones with your finger to make sure the makeup stays put. Then take the white eye shadow you used on the inner corners of your eye and layer it on top with a brush to act as a highlighter.

The False Eyelashes

Now it is time for your false lashes. You should open up your adhesive and let it sit out for a bit before applying. If you use it straight away it might be slippery, but the drier it gets the more tacky it will become, which makes it more likely to stick and stay put. Press the eyelash into your lash line, hold it down for a few seconds, then let it sit and come back to put mascara on.

The Lips

Line your lips with pink liner, going into the lips a bit to give them a stain. Then apply a pink lipstick with a brush or straight from the tube.

The Final Touches

Next, dab lip gloss on the lips to add a little more dimension and shine. Concentrate the color on the center of the mouth to make your bottom lip look fuller.

The Freckles

The final touch is drawing on freckles. The trick to making them look natural is using a few different shades of liner. Start applying on your nose and work out towards your cheeks trying to make them different shapes and randomly placed rather than in a pattern.

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