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Refine, Restore, Revitalize with nuBest

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Fall is a time of transition, while the sun, salt and chlorine may have taken a toll on your skin throughout the summer. Fall also helps to repair summer skin damages, when using the correct skin care essentials. Learn how to regenerate your skin with some skin care tips from nuBest salon and spa.


Post summer skin may look dehydrated and dull. Exfoliation is the first and most important step as it gets rid of the dead skin cells that have built up due to summer sun-damage and skin dehydration. It will also allow your skin to better absorb moisture and nutrients from other skincare products. Exfoliate twice a week with the unique rice-based, Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, to smooth and refine skin, leaving a natural, fresh glow behind.


Summer weather and lifestyle might have stripped the skin of moisture, revealing fine lines and wrinkles. It is therefore vital to replenish the lost moisture before the onset of winter and prepare your skin to deal with the weather changes. Moisturize day and night after cleansing with the Sonya Dakar Red Grapefruit Wash, to maintain a healthy youthful skin. Up your regimen’s level of firming with the Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm, to combat visible lines around the eye area with this powerful firming complex of skin-rebuilding antioxidant vitamins, protective silicones, and red seaweed extract.


An intensive treatment with vitamins and nutrients will help reverse sun damage and improve skin tone, leaving your skin refreshed and revitalized. Incorporate with the Sonya Dakar Daily Defense -- SPF 30, a lightweight facial sunscreen that combines the anti-aging power of synthetic snake venom with the micro-delivery properties of apple stem cell technology. Using a specialized facial serum on your daily skincare routine, will help get you radiant and smooth skin. Then add some Sonya Dakar Lip Juice -- SPF 15, for visibly soft lips, which contains olive oil, vitamin E, and essential oils to heal, protect and moisturize your lips.

Revitalize your skin from the inside out

A well-balanced diet is the foundation for healthy skin, as it provides our body with necessary nutrients and energy. Remember to always drink plenty of water and green tea, to help keep your skin hydrated and to remove toxins.

(All the Sonya Dakar and Dermalogica skin care essentials mentioned are available at nuBest salon and spa, to use during your own convenience at home.)

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