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Behind The Scenes with Sheila Rosenblum

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The swiss-born beauty is, of course, a known staple of high society, but wealth is not her only claim to fame. Sheila Rosenblum is a woman of many interests and achievements. A lifelong fitness enthusiast and natural athlete, she also proved to be a talented ballerina. Unexpectedly, it was ballet that led Sheila to one of her greatest life passions: horseback riding. Sheila became heavily involved in thoroughbred horse ownership, which propelled her to launch the acclaimed Lady Sheila Stable, now ranked in the top 100 stables in the country.

Below are some behind the scenes photos, along with the beauty experts of nuBest salon and spa, glamorizing the lovely Sheila Rosemblum for the cover shoot of 25A magazine.

Be sure to pick up a copy of 25A magazine’s Sept/Oct 2014 issue to read the full interview in print. To read the digital copy, click here: 25A Magazine Sept/Oct 2014

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  • Love your work , I just wanted to let you and Dutch know that I have crteaed a 3D Virtual Weather Station in Activeworlds where I will include a link to your site and a few other great sites that post the truth to those open enough to listen. Just trying to get like minds together. Thank you for all you do. Here is a pic

    Posted by Walker on 02/17/2015

  • Good day Sheila, Thank you for all your marvelous work and all your Meaningful cuseas. They touch my heart so dearly. I know you are a very busy bee with much to do. I have some very interesting pictures of Et ceremonies that I have not shared before. You may have them if you do so desire. I thought that they would blend well with some of your tunes. You now have my email. I do not trust many sites for obvious reasons. No worries Sheila if you do not want them or limited with your time. I will as always understand Perhaps they are sacred and only meant as a personal message for me. I have received a lot of joy from them Source Bless Your Beautiful Loving Soul and Your Spiritual journey home Star Child OoOoOo

    Posted by Amalu on 02/15/2015

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