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Jen's Fishtail Braid

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Created by Chris McMillan
  1. Spray hair with Instant Texture Mist and run through with your fingers.
  2. Pull hair to same side as your bangs.
  3. Split hair in 2 sections and begin fishtail braid: Divide your hair into two large sections, parting straight down the middle. For a sharper look, you can use a comb to part your hair evenly. Pull a thin strand of hair from the outside of the left section. Pull it over the top of the left section, and grasp it under the right section. In other words, the strand of hair has gone over the left section and finishes under the right section. Repeat on the right side. Pull a skinny strand of hair from the outside of the right section, pull it over the right section, then weave it under the left section. Keep alternating sides, weaving over and under, until you reach the bottom of the braid.
  4. Wrap a rubber band around the bottom of the braid if you want a more polished look. Or wrap one strand around the band and tuck into the band from the bottom.
  5. If you are going to wear the look all day, spray with Flex Shaping Hairspray to avoid flyaways.
This style looks complicated but it's easy to do!

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  • Je pense que e7a serait mieux, mais avec l’implantation de mes exoitsenns, je ne peux pas faire de raie of9 je veux. Et je ne peux pas tirer mes exoitsenns vers l’arrie8re (donc ne pas faire de raie) pour ensuite finir en tresse sur le cf4te9, mes points de ke9ratine se voient ;)

    Posted by Indra on 02/15/2015

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