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#NYFW Beauty Survival Kit

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It's that time of the year again: The craziness of New York Fashion Week. The hustle and bustle can drive a woman crazy, but watching fashion will keep her sane. Carrying around a huge chic bag is a must, but what do you keep inside the bag? Here are 5 essentials to get you through the madness!

  1. After a long day of constant shows and endless parties, treat your complexion to these invigorating, Vitamin C-infused wipes. They’re great for removing stubborn makeup and giving your skin a just-cleansed feel, all in go.
  2. When you’re trying to make it from show to show, it may be hard to squeeze in time for some actual food. But for a nutritious treat, you can totally sneak inside your bag, look for a naturally flavored protein shake to keep you full in between meals.
  3. Pack your trendy headphones to kill some time on the subway. Chill out and unwind with your Fashion Week playlist.
  4. Sure, you’d love to rock those stilettos all day long—but when those feet become sore beyond belief, try switching over to some flats for instant relief.
  5. For heel pain caused by those stilettos or painful headaches that just won’t quit, Motrin always makes a trusty purse staple.

Now don't forget your lip blam, sunnies, camera, and smart phone. Fashion week is fun if you're prepared. Don't get caught slipping.

Happy Spring/Summer 2015 -- New York Fashion Week!

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