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Eyeliner: Tips & Tricks

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Need eyeliner inspiration for a summer party? Eyeliner is the fastest way to make your eyes look bigger, brighter, and much sexier. This easy guide will help you get the technique right—by tonight.

To apply the perfect eyeliner, you'll just need a steady hand, a good mirror, and a few Q-tips to fix the smudges. 

The winged eyeliner make-up is perfect for any occasion, from everyday use, to the red carpet; it looks fabulous each time. It’s a classic, eye make-up that looks both glamorous and feminine. First, mark your eyes with a pencil liner to ensure the liquid liner will cover the areas without getting smudged.

Tilt your chin up so you can see your entire lid. Use your other hand to pull the skin taut at the outer corner.

You can create effects by making the line thicker in the middle, so that your eyes will look wider and almond shaped. Go classic, by starting from a thin line and going thicker toward the ends, or just apply the rock-style look that Amy Winehouse adopted, by accentuating the “wings”.

For an even more extreme look, you can use false eyelashes to emphasize the look and just plenty of mascara!

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