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Make Your nuBest Blowout Last for Days and Days

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Good hair, all day, every day. It’s what a girl wants, right? But blow drying your hair every single day can be one time-consuming task (and result in less healthy hair). How can you make your nuBest salon blowout last for days? We checked in with our Senior Stylist Vincent Cascio, and he shared his advice on prolonging your blowout for days. So read on, and reward yourself with good, healthy hair and more time in your life.

The Blowout Itself

Allow each section to cool completely as you blow-dry them. “Remember that heat will bend or smooth hair in place but the cooling time after is what will allow each section to set and stay where you put it,” says Cascio, adding that if you use a curling iron, allow each area to cool before you touch it.

The Goods

Get the right items to give your nuBest blowout a lasting impression for days. You should have a satin pillowcase, velcro rollers, a dry shampoo, a handkerchief and a fabric scrunchy. 

Sleep Right

During sleep is when hair can turn into a tangled mess. Traditional elastic hair ties break hair, put stress on strands and create unnatural creases at the top of your hair, ruining a perfectly good blowout. This is where the fabric scrunchy comes in, which avoids deep creases and tangles. Use the scrunchy to make a loose, high, bun, leaving out the front sections of your hair. Be sure to put your down on a satin pillowcase. With a cotton pillowcase, you’re more likely to disperse oil from your scalp onto the case, whereas satin doesn’t absorb it at all.

Shower Right

There are a couple of ways you can shower, while keeping your hair in tact. The first is to use a shower cap. Some suggest tying a handkerchief around your hairline first (before you don the cap) for extra protection against water — it's up to you. Another suggestion is to wrap large sections of hair in velcro rollers, put on the shower cap and then have a shower. You're giving your hair a volume and curl boost while you wash.

Reboot and Refresh

You should know the tricks for in-between-days to keep your style looking fresh. In the days after your blowout, when you feel there’s excess oil developing, dry shampoo will be your hair’s best friend. It’ll absorb the oil and keep your hair looking fresh longer. You can also refresh your blowout by just washing your fringe. You will be surprised how a bang or hairline wash on day three allows you to still look fresh. Remember to switch to non-oily hair styling products and avoid very strong sprays.

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  • Oh man, I am all over this one. I saw one done on another blog, can’t rembmeer which. Anyways, I wasn’t crasy about it, but once I saw it on your little nugget I’m thinkin’ twice and might just go to DI and see if I can find a goodie for my monkey. She’s always wearing dresses and I kinda sorta can sew.

    Posted by Mersades on 02/17/2015

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