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Summer Braids To Try Now!

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For an eternally chic, summer hairstyle that will take you from the beach to dinner or to work on even the most humid of days, braids are your best bet. And there are so many variations to try! Here are our favorite looks:

Glossy twin braids offer a high-drama looked that can be dressed up or down depending on your mood.

What’s not to absolutely love about a side braid? Whether you opt for a fishtail, French, Dutch, or regular side braid, you’re sure to look as elegant and feminine as ever. Side braids are always a hit!

The fishtail braid is a super cute, semi-messy style. Fishtail ponytails are often worn to the side to show off the braid, but you can also wear it down the middle of your back.

Crown braids go around the front as if it were a real crown. This heavenly style is best paired with a bun, tight or loose, as well as half up-dos and ponytails. This slightly messy style is still very edgy and chic.

French braids come with an extra dash of dimension and profoundness that can’t be ignored. Do a single French braid, double French braids, or a side waterfall braid leading to a bun like the one in this picture.

Happy Braiding!

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