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How To: Flatter Your Face Shape With Blush

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A touch of blush can brighten your face and make any makeup look even prettier. When it comes to knowing where exactly you should apply the product (apples? cheekbones? cheek hollows?), finding a definitive answer might be tricky, but we’re here to help!

For the most natural look, begin your blush application at the top of the apple of your cheek. The idea is to deposit most of the pigment, where rosiness would first appear naturally, if you were simply flushing. If you can't see where that spot is, smile to push the apples up. Then, placing the color on the part that lies directly below your pupil, blend outward, toward the ear.

Expertly applied blush can shape and define your face, creating the illusion of cheekbones that don't exist—and it's easier to do than you think:

To thin a round face: Start your blush at the apples, then brush it along the cheekbones all the way up to the temples.

To fill out a thin face: Using circular motions, apply your blush to the center of your cheeks and blend it along the cheekbones and straight back to your ears. On a narrow face, we like a bright pink blush with highlighter on the apples.

To shorten a long face: Dust your blush from the apples up toward the temples, then a little across each eyelid and on the chin. Having the same shade on your eyes, cheeks, and chin will make your face look shorter.

To soften a square face: Apply a soft shade of blush on the apples and down into the hollows of your cheeks. Then lightly skim your brush over your temples to very subtly contour.

To create higher cheekbones: Choose a contouring powder or a matte bronzer a shade or two darker than your skin. Starting at the outer cheekbones, lightly sweep it over them. A dot of highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones creates a lifted effect.

Happy Blushing!

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