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Protect Your Entire Body: SPF It!

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With the summer coming up, you should protect your entire body from harmful UV Rays, not only your face. Use one of the two Hampton Sun's continuous mist sprays, after your morning shower then reapply approximately every 80 minutes, after prolonged sun exposure, swimming or towel drying.

Hampton Sun's Luxe Sport SPF 35 and Hampton Sun's Luxe Sport SPF 55 continuous mist sunscreen offers the highest quality of sun protection in a unique, oil-free formula. The revolutionary formula has advanced ingredients including Polycrylene, that increase the product's water resistance and filters more UVA rays than the average sunscreen to protect skin from the sun’s harmful rays during any activity – from sophisticated sunbathing to high-powered athletics. Aloe vera and a multi-vitamin complex nourish and hydrate skin while the UVA/UVB broad spectrum sunscreens protect. SPF 35/55 Continuous Mist has a light, silky feel that absorbs instantly with no sticky film and has a hint of Hampton Sun’s signature Privet Bloom scent for the perfect touch of sophistication. 

This product offers powerful, eco-friendly protection – The non-aerosol 360º dispenser sprays at any angle for complete, even sun coverage without damaging the environment. Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested to be used by all skin types.

Just spray onto hands and then apply product on the face with hand. Spray generously to all areas of the body that will be exposed to sun.

Stop by nuBest salon and spa to purchase your own Hampton Sun Continuous Mist sprays, for your own convenience, to spray it anytime, anywhere and to stay protected from the sun throughout the day.

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