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Hair Blowout Benefits 101

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You can see and feel the difference, as your hair looks shiny, glossy, and smooth. Hair generally requires some sort of styling and volume to look its best. Blowouts are the easiest way to add volume to your hair.

If you have curly hair and want it straight, blowouts give you that look without commitment to other treatments.

There’s an ease of styling with blowouts. If you're going for a curly look, blow-drying your hair before using the curling iron is the easiest way to get the look you want.

Blowouts at nuBest are gentle. Our professional stylists use products that protect your hair, direct the heat away from your scalp and keep the dryer far from your ends to minimize damage.

Our beauty experts wash your hair and massage your scalp to prevent flakiness and product buildup. This will keep your hair healthy and your scalp irritation-free. 

A blowout is a relatively mellow process to achieve a superstar, celebrity look. Our hair stylists love blowouts for their flexibility and speed. Blowouts at nuBest are an easy alternative to spending hours fussing with your hair in the mirror.

Why nuBest?

It’s simple: There is an art form, Owner and Creative Director, Michael Mazzei, has been honing it for over 40 years. Michael created certain tricks in achieving a silky-smooth finish on less-than-easy hair. Because our stylists have gone through rigorous training with Michael, there is a certain quality and consistency that we hope you come to appreciate and expect from stepping foot at nuBest. 

nuBest blowouts leave your hair looking luxurious and beautiful. There’s no excuse for a bad hair day anymore.

There are plenty of reasons to visit nuBest for a blowout. It's not just about the professional touch of a stylist handling your hair--nuBest offers you an opportunity to relax and be pampered. And if you're feeling gentler to yourself, you have the chance to snag additional valuable hair services like a Brazilian hair treatment.

Blowouts aren’t so much an indulgence as they are a maintenance routine to keep your tresses healthy. Naturally you don’t need to have a weekly salon blowout to look beautiful, but if you have the time it can be a fun way to keep your hair looking fresh and free. 

Salon blowouts are non-intrusive, mild treatments that give you a temporary boost in style. Whether for a big night out, work event, or those moments when you feel like treating yourself to something special. Blowouts from a nuBest stylist are one of the best ways to land you that hip hair look.

Disclaimer: nuBest blowouts are known to be quite addictive, and may inspire a haircut, highlights, or spa treatment.

-Nargas Karimi

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