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nuBest is noticing that more brides are asking for airbrush makeup, which is your best bet for your big day. It lasts longer, has a more natural finish and looks flawless in photos. Airbrush makeup is also perfect for the long haul, resisting smudging or running the way traditional makeup is prone to doing. More and more brides seem to be doing away with dramatic makeup in favor of softer, more natural beauty with a perfect complexion and subtly glamorous finish. 

The Nude Look - The perfect look for any bride, especially those celebrating their nuptials with a daytime or early evening wedding, this look is based around delicate flesh tones of beige, tawny and rose with highlights of champagne and platinum. Lips are muted with a soft hint of pink or berry for color, while cheeks glow with a touch of golden peach. Eyes are subtly defined with warm, smoky shades of chocolate and sable.

Romantic/Ethereal - Taking a page out of the Pre-Raphaelite playbook, this look combines a soft hairstyle with one dramatic feature -- either the eyes or lips. Key shades include soft plums, bordeaux, muted crimson and brick reds, perfectly suited to dark or red hair. Lips should remain matte, while dewy, translucent skin and plenty of lashes complete the look. 

Classic With A Twist - For the bride who wants some Old Hollywood drama in her look, a face centered on a softly smoky eye is the way to go. Layering shades of grey and taupe rather than the harsher, more traditional black, the eyes should be finished with some type of liner and plenty of mascara to keep the look soft and sensuous. Cheeks should have a neutral glow while lips should be paired down to let the eyes shine.  

Beauty Tips:

*Start with a face primer that minimizes pores- Retexturizing Face Primer by nuBest salon and spa.

*Blotting papers are a must have to decrease shine during the day for photos. 

*Setting spray will keep makeup in place for hours on end. 

*White eyeliner brightens whites of eyes and makes eyes look more open and alive. 


Hair Trends:

Hair is worn loose and flowy. Wavy hair is gently pulled back and paired with a simple and delicate headpiece that won't dictate the style. Smaller, brooch and comb-style hairpieces are becoming more and more popular for this reason. 

On the other end of the spectrum is tight and sleek hair, which is a more striking, dramatic look. Curls or tendrils are done away with in favor of clean lines and a simple silhouette.

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