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Don't Cut Your Hair! Get It Dusted

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Dusting is becoming a trend and everyone wants to do it. Is this for real?

What is “Dusting”? Dusting, the term that first originated from nuBest salon and spa, is now the perfect solution for clients who want to maintain their existing hair length and style. As mentioned in the November issue of Glamour magazine, spilt ends can get dusted. Dusting is not a haircut; it is a maintenance service. Dusting is the elimination of dead ends from the hair. Only the very tips are affected. Dusting is a unique process because it is done on dry hair as opposed to wet hair. Dusting gets its name from the dust-like particles that are released into the air during the service. Your hair is safe, thanks to nuBest salon and spa and their exclusive service. “Dusting is the perfect service for the client that loves their hair style but needs to keep it fresh and clean,” says Jamie Mazzei, creative director of nuBest.

The Dusting process begins with a thorough shampooing and followed up with an intense conditioning. Hair must be cleansed of any product residue that can leave hair dull and lifeless. Then the hair is carefully blown out so that the lines of the existing cut are clear to the stylist. Scissors are used, instead of a razor, and the hair is lightly “dusted.” Product is applied to finish the look. Dusted hair is clean and shiny.

-Nargas Karimi

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    I was just wondering on how much a dusting is ?

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    Posted by Stephanie Lope on 04/08/2015

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